Summer Camp @MACCA

August 17, 2023 by
Titans Robotics

This summer unfolded as a chapter of meaningful collaboration for Team Titans Go as we joined forces with the Markham African Caribbean Canadian Association (MACCA), a local non-profit. Our mission? To lead the robotics segment of their Reading & Robotics Summer Camp. The months of May and June were abuzz with Team Titans Go members meticulously planning STREAM activities and rallying volunteers to ensure a seamless experience for the campers. Come July and August, our team, alongside MACCA staff, executed the camp, leaving an indelible mark on the young minds in attendance.

Our camp curriculum was as diverse as the young learners we engaged with. The younger groups delved into coding fundamentals, while the older ones embarked on the exciting journey of building and coding EV3 and FTC bots. In the span of this summer initiative, we had the privilege of enriching the lives of over 35 kids, offering them a unique blend of education and enjoyment. The impact reached beyond the campgrounds, earning Team Titans Robotics an esteemed award of appreciation from none other than the Mayor and Deputy Mayor of Markham.

This immersive experience not only served its primary purpose of impacting the lives of those we served but also proved to be a crucible for the development of invaluable skills within our own team. As we meticulously planned STREAM activities and provided mentorship, our members cultivated patience, adapting to the diverse learning needs of the campers. Leadership skills flourished as we took charge, coordinating volunteers and guiding younger students through the intricacies of coding and robotics. This summer collaboration was not just a camp—it was a canvas where we painted strokes of positive change and personal growth.