2023 Markham Youth Expo

May 6, 2023 by
Titans Robotics

In an exciting collaboration with the City of Markham and their youth council, Markham Mayor’s Youth Council, we had the privilege of showcasing Team Titans Robotics alongside our peers from 16488 Rams Robotics at the MMYC’s annual Markham Youth Expo. Drawing in over 10,000 attendees, this remarkable event provided us with a stage to promote the FIRST organization and share our passion for robotics. Engaging with the crowd, our team members had the incredible opportunity to speak with and inspire over 1000 individuals.

The positive impact of our presence at the Youth Expo resonated beyond the event itself. By actively participating in such influential gatherings, we contribute to breaking down barriers and stereotypes surrounding STEM fields. Our team embraces the role of ambassadors, showcasing the creativity, collaboration, and innovation that define the world of robotics. The connections made during the Expo extend far beyond the event, creating a ripple effect that fosters a culture of curiosity and excitement for STEM disciplines. This experience reaffirms our commitment to being not just a robotics team but a catalyst for positive change and inspiration in our community.