Hosting FLL Markham Qualifier

December 9, 2023 by
Titans Robotics

Our recent event became a melting pot of diverse talents and backgrounds. Judges and speakers hailed from various sectors, reflecting the broad focus of the FIRST IN SHOW® season. From a professor at YorkU Markham to software engineers at Amazon and Instacart, and even the head of marketing at HSBC, our event truly embodied the inclusive spirit of the FIRST® program.

The success of our event wasn't just measured by the numbers—a roster of 16 registered teams and a turnout of around 250 people. It was also a testament to the support of approximately 100 dedicated volunteers. These volunteers weren't just there for the event; they underwent training in robotics fundamentals and FLL operations, embodying FIRST® values like Gracious Professionalism®. Beyond the event itself, these volunteers had the opportunity to explore their interests, contributing not only to the event but also to their personal and professional growth. Take, for instance, students studying TGJ4M (Communications Technology), who took charge of directing the event's production, earning not just valuable experiences but even course credit. This initiative beautifully encapsulates the essence of FIRST’s More Than Robots® philosophy, illustrating that the impact extends beyond the competitive arena.

Beyond the logistics and numbers, our primary goal was to create a memorable experience for the 150+ participants. We wanted our event to be more than just a gathering—it was about acting as a catalyst for the young minds present. We hoped to not only encourage them to continue their FIRST journey with FTC but also to kindle the idea of pursuing careers in STREAM fields. Our aim was to instill a passion for learning and innovation, contributing to the growth of the next generation of leaders in these ever-evolving disciplines. This event was a stepping stone, guiding aspiring minds toward a future enriched with possibilities in STEM.