2024 Markham Youth Expo

May 28, 2024 by
Titans Robotics

On May 4th, Team Titans Robotics proudly held a booth at the Markham Fair at the Aaniin Community Centre. The mayor of Markham also attended this exciting event, adding a significant highlight to our participation.

At the Markham Mayor’s Youth Council’s annual Youth Expo, we also showcased our cutting-edge projects and had the opportunity to inspire over 10 000 attendees. This event provided a unique platform for us to highlight the importance of STREAM education, display our achievements, and demonstrate the possibility of innovation within the realm of technology.

Throughout the event, our team members created interactive demonstrations and shared their experiences, aiming to inspire the next generation of innovators. By providing hands-on experiences and showcasing our robots, we ignited curiosity and enthusiasm among the youth about the potential of STREAM fields.